Non-Scale Victories For Measuring Success

How do you define your keto success? Do you rely on the scale to determine your success? Or do you measure your success with other markers? Following the keto way of eating is so much more than a number on the scale going down. It is the many successes that is can be referred to as “non-scale victories.” “Toss That…

My Favourite Keto Podcasts

I decided to share the top podcasts I listen to for your summer listening. Okay, I know that summer is almost done, but there are a couple of weeks to go yet. Summertime usually comes with a little more free time to do all those things you usually don’t have time to do. For me, that means listening to podcasts…

Low Carb or Keto?

With the world of keto exploding in every possible form from social media to podcasts to books to programs to blog posts, it is time to look at what makes keto actually keto. And is keto different from low carb? Good questions.

Your Best Morning Routine

Everyone’s morning routine will be unique to them. Mine has evolved over the last couple of months, but consistency is proving solid. Ease and consistency on the keys

Evening Routine – A Place to Start

Two of the most important routines suggested to improve your overall wellbeing and living a life well-lived are morning routines and bedtime or nighttime routines.