Exploring New Options

Many of you may be wondering “what’s happened to her?” or “why hasn’t she got a new post?” since I have not posted any new blog posts since May 2023. Well, a lot has happened in my personal and professional world. Personally, both of my parents and my 12-year-old Standard Poodle have died in less than a year. And we […]

Build Your Health Team

WHY Build A Team A very long time ago I decided that my mission was to help people achieve their goals whether big or small. And anyone who has known me for a while knows that I often refer to myself as “Your Keto Cheerleader.” We all need support, encouragement, and a high 5 to achieve our dreams, goals and […]

Healthy Habits Start With You

January is that month that opens many of us to a whole 365 days of potential opportunities and with great thoughts of what we can do “this” year. I usually prefer to use September as my “new year” rather than January, but this year I decides to switch things up. I began by re-reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, Better Than Before. […]

What Are You Waiting For

It’s time reframe your plan. If you consistently make good choices you will regain health and wellness. What you do every single day defines you and your lifestyle!