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Brenda loves learning and sharing what she's learning with you. She is a certified keto/carnivore coach with Keto-Adapted (Maria and Craig Emmerich, a certified holistic nutritional consultant (CHNC), and a natural nutrition clinical practitioner (NNCP).

Book Review: The XX Brain

I purchased this book, The XX Brain, by Lisa Morconi, PhD on the recommendation of a number of the “brain” doctors I follow. The “XX” part of the title represents the XX chromosomes of women. So yes, this book provides women with a plan for alleviating brain risks specially females as we age. But my real interest came from its…

What Are Your 2021 Resolutions?

Here we are moving into another New Year and after the craziness of 2020, we are wanting a NEW year. Are you considering a resolution to “become healthier” or “lose that last bit of weight” or “simply losing weight?” Perhaps you have come to your wit’s end and decided you will NOT diet in 2021. After all, who bothers dieting…