BAM! Time to Reset


I cannot believe how many weeks have trickled by without writing a blog post. I have gone without inspiration or desire to write — not normal for me.  But I am determined to reset and revitalize my blog.  So here goes…

Have you ever reached your goal, and maintained where you are happiest only to just stop?  Well, that’s how I feel with my blog lately.  I have passionately written and posted most weeks for well over a year.  Then, BAM!  I became overwhelmed with life stuff and skipped a week. Which lead to another week and another week.

You may have experienced this with weight loss, school assignments, household projects or whatever you have set out to complete as a goal.

Now it is time to reset and kick butt! Change my mindset to “I can do this!”

Last weekend, I attended the 9th annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference.  I spent Saturday surrounded by other holistic nutritionists and health entrepreneurs listening to inspirational speakers discuss autoimmunity and its implications on one’s health. Since I enjoy learning, I walked away inspired and reaffirmed that nutrition is a powerful tool for attaining vibrant health. Basically, the choices you make will impact your health or build disease.

Your body is amazing. It can put up with what you throw at it on a daily, weekly or yearly basis. Your body talks to you through signs and symptoms. But are you paying attention? Not sure what to pay attention to? Well, that’s where I come in. With a quick call or email, we can reset your health journey. I set aside a couple of sessions each week to meet with people like you looking for a way to feel amazing.

Quotable: Live vibrantly, not perfectly. 

5 Tips to Reset Vibrant Health

Tip #1 — Choose well
The food that you eat determines how well you feel. Your body needs good food to build health. Food is the nutrition to feed your cells, muscles, and organs. With proper nutrition, your body creates hormones, neurotransmitters, and energy. Start by including at least half of your plate as vegetables at every meal including breakfast. Then make those vegetables bright and colourful, which means you’re including a variety of nutrients.

Tip #2 — Hydrate
Your body is supposed to be mostly water. Unfortunately, many are dehydrated. Replace those pops and caffeine drinks with pure water. Water is needed by every cell, organ and tissue to function well and regulate temperature. Your body loses water through breathing, sweating, and digestion, so it’s vitally important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water (like vegetables and fruit).

Tip #3 — Move your body
Moving your body vigorously helps to maintain insulin sensitivity and avoid blood sugar imbalances. Movement means muscles burn stored energy, so you don’t store that energy as fat. Start with walking. Then add in some large muscle movements. Make movement fun and playful — then you’ll enjoy doing it.

Tip #4 — Journal
Regular food journaling develops your self-control muscles, makes you aware of your “kryptonite” and foods’ affect on your mood and choices, and gives you a reference to measure your successes. Journaling reveals your choices — positive or negative. By journaling, you give yourself a tool to measure your success in moving towards your goal.

Tip #5 — Set realistic goals. Write and post them.
Speaking of goals — do you have one? any? Without goals, you have nowhere to aim. Goals and action steps give you something to measure your success against. You’ve set them, now post them. Posting your goals in visible places means you are reminding why you’re doing what you’re doing. Knowing your why gives you reason to follow through.

Email for your no-obligation Discovery Chat. Are you looking to have a healthier relationship with food and feel amazing in your own skin? Brenda is your health coach and cheerleader to move you towards your goals. All you have to do is take the first step — call or email today!

About Brenda

Brenda loves learning and sharing what she's learning with you. She is a certified keto/carnivore coach with Keto-Adapted (Maria and Craig Emmerich, a certified holistic nutritional consultant (CHNC), and a natural nutrition clinical practitioner (NNCP).