Book Review: Keto for Women

Keto for Women is a keto lifestyle resource for women.  There are a few books on the market that highlight the keto lifestyle just for women.  Other recent additions to this arena of female-specific keto expertise is Dr. Anna Cabeca’s The Hormone Fix, and 2 books from Naomi Whittel — Glow15 and High Fiber Keto.

Keto for Women goes beyond macro percentages and how to burn ketones. Leanne Vogel, this book’s author, offers fresh eyes on the ketogenic lifestyle for women.  Leanne opens her book with the what and how-to of the ketogenic eating plan, and how hormones may be affected.  But Leanne didn’t stop with the basics.  Instead she guides the reader on how to customize the keto meal plan to fit her unique needs. Truly, great wisdom in that alone — the keto lifestyle can be uniquely adapted for each reader. 

The real magic for me, though is in “Part 3: Healing Your Body.” Too often, we forget that our relationship with our bodies is equally important to losing weight.  In this part of the book, Leanne shares that “When you practice … body kindness, you invite into your life self- acceptance, self-compassion, and positive motivation to pursue your deepest desires for a healthy mind and happy body.” (219) Who doesn’t want to be freed from the bondage of body image and food rules?

The final chapters lean on Leanne’s nutritional training of supporting body systems and hormone imbalances by providing actionable plans to become a healthier version of yourself and overcome those pesky weight loss obstacles.

Keto for Women has earned its well-deserved place on my bookshelf because she addresses body kindness as a part of a healthy body image. After all, the ketogenic diet is not just a diet is a lifestyle and a lifestyle is so much more than food. It is about your body and mindset too.

Do Women Need to Do Keto Differently?

The big question that I am often asked as a keto coach and nutritional consultant is — do women have to do keto differently than men? 

Simply put — no.  However, with that said, no two women (in this case) are the same and the foods a person includes and the macros followed are unique to her.

In Keto Answers, the authors’ short answer is “Women and men may see different degrees of response to the [keto] diet but the general response to the [keto] diet is the same.” (348) Gustin and Irvin go on to elaborate that women’s hormones fluctuate throughout any given month and hormones can, in fact, impact how food is metabolized and absorbed by the body. (349) As well, they answer the question of whether keto is safe for women — “Ketosis is a safe state of metabolism for adults of all shapes and sizes and has many health benefits.” (347) I appreciate their final remarks — “We recommend starting a whole food, high-quality version of a keto diet that optimizes your micronutrient intake while keeping your calorie intake high enough to meet the demands of your body.” (349)

Personally, I follow a well-formulated ketogenic diet of low carbs (20 g or less total carbs), moderate protein (daily target) and enough healthy fats to support my hormones and satiate my appetite. Some days I am full-on keto and other days I am a level 3 or 4 carnivore.

Many of the female-specific keto books lean more heavily on plant-based foods. However, as someone who has an impaired and dysfunctional digestive system, I find that too much fibre or plants means I suffer from a host of unpleasant symptoms. Plants are great if your body can handle them. In a later blog post, I will explore anti-nutrients found in plants that may damage overall health, lead to leaky gut and be what allows autoimmune issues to develop in compromised and/or metabolically-damaged individuals.

What Is Your Next Step?

Are you overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available online and on bookshelves? I offer online programs with the right tools follow a well-formulated keto diet and help you to squash those negative voices in your head that holds you back or sabotage your efforts.

Together, we will learn how to eat for your unique body and to love the body you’re blessed with.

Your next step is to email and set up your free Discovery Chat. This free 20-minute chat can be done by phone, online or in person. During this conversation, you have an opportunity to ask a couple of questions and I share how I can best support and coach you on your transformation.


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