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Back in 2020, carnivore exploded on the keto scene and became the hottest “diet” out there. And with it came lots of negative press. Individuals like Kelly Hogan (My Zero Carb Life), Caitlin Weeks (Grass Fed Girl), Judy Cho (Nutrition with Judy), Dr Ken Berry and more recently, Dr Anthony Chaffee, MD have and continue to advocate living a carnivore lifestyle long term.

Here we are two years later and another version of keto has emerged.  This time — ketovore.  What is ketovore, anyway?

Keto, carnivore, or ketovore? Does it really matter what label you give your diet? 

Most people are familiar with the “ketogenic diet” or as it is often called keto. Keto is typically low carb (20g or less total), moderate protein, and high-ish fat (depends on one’s goals).  Some will use macro percentages, others will say follow Dr Westman’s page 4 and others will simply eat more fat, less carbs and some protein and call it keto.  Then of course, some have further labelled keto as “clean,” “lazy” or “dirty.”  If you are looking for definitions check out this page on this website HERE.

Carnivore is the ultimate elimination diet and with a slow re-introduction of foods, you can experience healing, reduced inflammation and perhaps figure out any food sensitivities along the way.  However, some people of experienced incredible healing following a meat only protocol.  I know, is it sustainable?  Many individuals like those above have found success long term. 

Ketovore moves the macro needle to more protein, low (20 g or less) to moderately low (20-50 g) carbs and moderate to high fat.  This version allows for more flexibility for those who want to eat more animal proteins and some veg, spices and low carb fruits like berries.  Carnivore has evolved to ketovore, for some, because they have found it more sustainable or they just want a taste of veg every once in a while.  

What is ketovore?  Ketovore is a blend of ketogenic and carnivore. I first happened upon this “new” keto term on Neisha Berry’s Instagram and YouTube channel, and then again while checking out Dr Ken Berry’s Proper Human Diet (PHD).  Ketovore is mostly eating animal-based foods like carnivore, but offers a little wiggle room to include dairy, some low carb fruits and vegetables, some seasonings and spices, and the occasional ‘keto treat.’[1] Yep, this then would give space in your way of eating to include coffee and/or tea.  Basically, ketovore gives you permission (even though you need no one’s permission) to create a ketogenic way of eating (WOE) that is uniquely yours.

All three of these forms fall on the spectrum of eating the ketogenic way, because they usually get you into nutritional ketogenic blood chemistry — that is ketones in your blood for mitochondrial fuel.  If you remember from a previous post I did, keto is keto chemistry in your blood not a label on a food.

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If you remember from a previous post I did, keto involves keto chemistry in your blood, not a label on a food or food-like product.  However, you use keto-friendly foods to achieve ketosis, which is ketone chemistry in the blood.

Personally, ketovore is what I have described as seasonal keto for years, and how I typically eat — most of the time I choose meat and by-products like dairy, and then during the summer months when my garden is producing greens, tomatoes, cukes and green beans, I include some of them with my meat protein.

Ultimately, how your keto journey looks is up to you.  But to call it “keto,” you do need to be producing ketones in your blood for fuel.  And how will you know if you’re in nutritional ketosis — test don’t guess.  Many of my clients choose to use blood ketone strips a couple of times a week to keep themselves accountable to their food choices.  I use a Foracare 6 meter with glucose and ketone blood strips a couple of mornings a week to keep me accountable to my desired goal of living a keto(ne) lifestyle.

WattWorks’ Carnivore Booklist

Shawn Baker, MD, The Carnivore Diet, (Las Vegas, NV: Victory Belt Publishing, 2020)

Judy Cho, NTP, The Carnivore Cure, (Crawfordville, Indiana: Nutrition with Judy, 2020)

Maria and Craig Emmerich, The Carnivore Cookbook, (Las Vegas, NV: Victory Belt Publishing, 2020)

Maria and Craig Emmerich, Carnivore eBook (Maria and Craig Emmerich, 2020)

Paul Saladino, MD, The Carnivore Code, (New York: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2020)

Caitlin Weeks & Ellen Weeks, The 30-day Carnivore Diet Challenge (Grass Fed Girl, 2019)

Favourite Carnivore Books

I like information and science, so … drum roll … my favourite carnivore book currently available is ….. The Carnivore Cure by Judy Cho. Each of the books listed above offered different aspects to the carnivore puzzle. And many of them are endorsed with forwards of superstars in the nutritional world of paleo and/or keto.

However, it is not a cookbook and I LOVE cookbooks, so Maria’s The Carnivore Cookbook is next on my list for carnivore favourites. Who would have thought you could cook meat in so many different ways! Most of us think grill it, sear it, air fry it, pan fry it or smoke it. But Maria shows you how to thoroughly embrace the carnivore way of eating and have lots of variety while doing so.

Get Started Before the New Year Arrives

Yes, you read that correctly. Start choosing to think and eat to produce ketones BEFORE 2023 arrives. Why wait? Stop making excuses and reward yourself with a fresh start now.

Brenda is available to coach and support you as you become keto-adapted and start feeling better before the New Year. You and I both know that New Year’s resolutions usually lose momentum as your motivation wanes. So do things differently, this time. Don’t link your keto lifestyle to a date on the calendar that will pass away like so many resolutions do.

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[1] “What is Ketovore?”

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