Book Reviews

Book Review: Beyond Fasting

I have been investigating fasting, both intermittent and multiple days, since I first discovered Dr. Jason Fung’s book, The Complete Guide to Fasting. Then I was teaching a Bible study called Enjoying Jesus: 12 Spiritual Disciplines That Will Draw You Closer. During week four, “Choosing The Best”, I dug into spiritual fasting. It was during this deep dive that I […]

Book Review: Keto for Women

Keto for Women is a keto lifestyle resource for women.  There are a few books on the market that highlight the keto lifestyle just for women.  Other recent additions to this arena of female-specific keto expertise is Dr. Anna Cabeca’s The Hormone Fix, and 2 books from Naomi Whittel — Glow15 and High Fiber Keto. Keto for Women goes beyond macro percentages […]

Book Review – The Obesity Code

When you think about weight loss, do think, well, I’ll just eat XXXX-number of calories and add in exercise.  Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve been contemplating the lack of successful long-term weight loss and maintenance for my clients using the classic calories in “calories out” model?  I know, I’m bucking the “truth.”  Or is it a “myth?”  It […]

Review: Kale & Coffee

The cover of the book and its title grabbed my attention as I perused the health section at my local Chapters bookstore.  Kale. Coffee.  Together?  Both of these “foods” have been making headlines, so to see them together in a book title begged for me to check out the table of contents. I loved the introduction’s title — “Breaking the Rules.” […]