ID-10022745Yes, Christmas is 8 days away!  I still need to put the tree up and trim it.  It has moved to the top of my to-do list today.

Yesterday, I told you how I had planned my meals.  Well, best laid plans don’t always happen as you think.  I knew I was going to be out of the house for at least 2 snacks and lunch.  I knew I had veggies pre-cut in the fridge, so I could grab and go.  Not so, it seems.  I have a household of boys and well, the veggies and other food I had planned was nowhere in the fridge.

I could salvage this.  I decided to grab the snack-size hummus,  a couple of mandarins and a protein bar.  I figured I would buy one of those pre-cut individual veggie packs at Starbucks where I was hanging out for an on-line meeting.  Starbucks had none!  I went into default mode, purchased a venti-size Earl Grey tea (my absolute favourite) and plugged into the meeting figuring I would find something over at the grocery store across the parking lot afterwards.

I finished my meeting and rushed to my next appointment and completely forgot to eat!  While I was in the car, I remembered and out came that protein bar I had put there for emergencies.  Hint: always keep some quick health snacks in your purse or bag that way you wouldn’t get overwhelmed with I have to eat something now and anything will do.  You can open your bag and voila, open a baggie of nuts/seeds or protein bar.

When my tasks were done in Calgary, I headed home,  ate some veggies (can’t eat much before exercise, but veggies and fruit take less time to digest) and headed to Zumba Fitness.  After Zumba, I ate my planned meal.

So even when you have had one of those crazy days and fallen off your plan, you always have the choice to reset and eat what you should at any point in your day.  One meal faux pas doesn’t make for a crash or add extra weight on the scale.  It’s the attitude of “oh well, I have already messed up, so I will eat whatever I want.”

Remember you always have a choice.  Let your choice be to stay the course and become a healthier version of you.

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