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I often get asked “Do I have to buy organic to be healthy?”  Yes and no.  I use the acronym SLOW to help with understanding how to approach this question. 

SLOW foods will help in selecting wisely. Seasonal – seasonal foods are picked when they’re at their most nutritious and flavourful. Local – food grown close to our home; additionally, we have an opportunity to create a relationship with these local farmers and ask the questions of how they are seed- saving, fertilizing, composting, and growing the food we are buying. Organic – organic foods have greater nutrient density, thereby providing our bodies with the greatest abundance of micronutrients to keep our bodies running efficiently. Wholesome/Natural – natural, whole food that is devoid of food additives, chemicals, and shelf life enhancements.  We fuel our bodies well by wisely purchasing what we eat.

Because many of us may find choosing organic or local organic expensive, I suggest you become familiar with  the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen – Clean 15.” With this adjustment your purchasing power is increased and you can eat better quality food that is seasonally closer to home.

Other food groups that needs your purchasing attention are protein and fat.  Animal proteins are made up of muscle and fat.  Leaner cuts mean less fat.  Less fat means less toxins.  Why?  Fat is where toxins are stored.  Subsequently, it is recommended that you select local and organic sources first to minimize your body’s exposure to an increased toxic load.  Since dairy and butter (saturated fat) have fat, they too should be purchased organic and as local as possible.

Your purchasing dollar should be spent on the healthiest food sources your family and budget can afford.  Your health is on the line here, so purchase sensibly and use the knowledge you have gained.

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Canada’s National Organic Week, organized by Canada Organic Trade Association [COTA], Canadian Health Food Association[CHFA] and Canadian Organic Growers [COG], is the largest annual recognition of organic food, farming and products across the country! 

Why Organic?  Click on the link and find out.

How can you participate?  Buy organic produce and proteins from local farmers or as close to local as possible.  Support the smaller scale family farms.  Support and purchase from farmer’s markets.  

The next time you spot the Canadian Organic’s logo on your favourite product , take a picture and share your photo on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #SpotCanadaOrganic. 



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