Review: Hungry for Change

IMG_0941What you put in your mouth and what you think in your brain will determine your overall physical and mental wellbeing. These concepts are not new, but their presentation in this movie verified  the facts with real proof.

“Hunger for Life” tackles the realm of dieting, weight loss and the impact the food industry has had on our foods. Basically, diets don’t work. Whole foods are essential to your health, wellbeing, vitality and longevity. Artificial chemicals and additives that the food manufacturers put in our food is making us fat, sick, and depressed. The time has come to look to food differently and tell our inner selves we are worth loving.

I work in the weight loss industry as a holistic nutritionist offering solutions to improving health and wellbeing with real food for real people that bring about real results. The message that Christina Northrup delivered about loving yourself resonated with me. For many of my clients, the excess weight is really a protective barrier from the negativity of things in their lives from abuse to unlove to failure. The concept of loving yourself is key because without it nothing else will be sustainable – no diet, no plan, no medication, nothing will solve the situation and bring about permanent weight loss and improved health and vitality.

My two take-aways that I will be implementing in my life and practice include Christina Northrup’s challenge to tell yourself, “I accept myself unconditionally right now,” two times daily for thirty days and Rudyard Kiplings’s quote, “I am by nature a dealer in words, and words are the most powerful drug known to humanity.” Words impact my soul, my mind, my very being.

“I accept myself unconditionally, right now.” –Christina Northrup

Love equates to security and safety. I will start by loving myself and then my cup will overflow to loving others. Ultimately, it starts with me. I am taking up Christina’s challenge and for the next 30 days I will push back those negative messages that have caused my body image battles and food addictions by stating those simple words that I love myself unconditionally right now.

Take up Dr. Northrup’s challenge and for the next 30 days, in the mirror, tell yourself, “I accept myself unconditionally, right now.”  If you want to say something nice about yourself then go ahead — nothing negative though.  

==>In the comments, let me know if you are in for the challenge.  

Let’s change our sphere of influence by beginning with us.  Are you in?  I am. 

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Brenda loves learning and sharing what she's learning with you. She is a certified keto/carnivore coach with Keto-Adapted (Maria and Craig Emmerich, a certified holistic nutritional consultant (CHNC), and a natural nutrition clinical practitioner (NNCP).