Forget Resolutions

Wow!  Can you believe it’s almost the end of January?!  How’s your New Year’s resolution(s) going?  Or perhaps, you’ve cast them aside already. Think about it — resolutions are often rooted in regret.  That’s not very inspiring.  What about shifting to what you “envision”  or simply, what do you want the 2018-version of yourself to be.  Check out the YouTube video below with the exercise “Current Self vs Future Self”  — it’s in the second half.

I decided to forget making a resolution or two for 2018. Instead,  I decided to focus on some key words to direct my path for 2018.  My key words — joy, energy, strength — will guide my intentions to improved overall health and wellbeing.  This exercise comes from the first chapters of Bloom by Alejandra Carrasco.

Finding my words was relatively easy.  I had already made a decision to reclaim my health and to strive for more joy and happiness in my life.  I realized that I cannot reclaim my health if I don’t have energy and strength. Voilà, my 3 words — joy, strength and energy.

  • I want to embody, radiate and reflect joy in how I live and serve each and every day.

“Joy is peace dancing; peace is joy at rest.”

  • I want energy to pursue the healing journey to resolve my current health issues.

“Pushing for what you want takes energy but is worth it in the end.”

  • I want to trust in the inner strength God has given me to serve and to use that strength to pursue wellness, joy and energy.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” ~ Napoleon Hill

Something to Think About

  1. How do you want to feel in your life?
  2. What are your specific desires for your health?
  3. What can you do right now to create that feeling and/or emotion? By creating the emotions of achieving your goals, you will attract the outcome.

If you are feeling you are having one foot on the gas pedal and one foot on the brake, ask yourself, “Do I truly believe that I can achieve my goal(s)?”  Believing in yourself is a must for success.  Too often, we are own worst saboteurs.  That’s right — it is common to self sabotage.

Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone.” ~ Unknown 

I often sabotage my goals simply by my negative inner thought life.  How?  I have a number of “permission-giving” thoughts that allow me to rationalize what I choose to eat or do (or not do, in the case of movement).  Ever tell yourself, “I know I shouldn’t eat this, but it’s okay because…”  Finish that thought with whatever excuse you want from “I’ve had a hard day,” “This is a celebration,” “It will just go to waste,” “It won’t matter,” or the best one, “I will start again on Monday.”  Sabotaging thoughts undermine one’s confidence.  These thoughts would be the ones I tell myself when I eat the foods that don’t love me back and my digestive system rebels.  Thoughts like “I can’t” or “I knew I couldn’t.”  It would be so much better if I would just say things like ” Okay, no big deal…I should keep on going what I had planned for the day (or week),” or “I will write down what I eat,” or “Okay, I made a mistake.  I can start right now to…”  Instead my inner voice accuses, rants and wags its finger at my mistakes, and hollers (well, it feels like it) “You’re weak,” “You knew you couldn’t do it,” or “This is never going to work.”  I have worked hard on my inner thought life to be more forgiving by rewording my thoughts to be supportive and less judgmental.  That way I can respond to those sabotaging thoughts in a more positive light.  After all, sabotaging thoughts expend a lot of energy and time — wasted time and energy that could be spent encouraging, supporting and building up.  Negative thoughts create unnecessary stress, mentally and physically.  Instead of thinking “I am human and I make mistakes,”  it is common for me to lash out at myself with “I should always do things perfectly.”  Wow, that is a quick way to make the stress level rise.  I put a lot of unnecessary stress on myself.

You know those sabotaging excuses, voices or actions that you allow to threaten and undermine your aspirations.  Today, change one way that you sabotage yourself by using more positive words, words that build up and encourage rather than tear down and belittle.  Maybe you need to reword your inner cry of disappointment or simply forgive yourself.

Remember one small positive change built up will create a pathway to success.

What will your 2018-version of you be?  What action step will you start with?

Forget the resolutions and strive for doable steps that move you towards a healthier. vibrant version of yourself for 2018.  I choose to use words and built outcomes on them.  I a making a vision board that I will use as a dashboard in my #HappyPlanner — it will be a visual reminder of my intentions.  I’ll try and post a photo of it on Instagram in the near future.

Are you needing some guidance to direct your next steps towards your 2018-version of you?  Reach out and together we can make a doable plan.  Let’s chat and make baby steps to inspiring and motivating you to becoming an amazing version of YOU!

I offer free Discovery Chats.  Call Brenda at 403.801.5698 or email.   Making changes start with taking the first step.

NOTE: Part of this post is a revision from an earlier post (2014).


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