Granola With Bee Pollen

Organic Granola BarAs many of you know, I love recipes, especially new recipes, recipe books and blogs.  Today, I thought I would share with you from WOW Weight Loss’s vault of goodies — Granola with Bee Pollen.

You might be thinking what is bee pollen and where can you find it.  Well, bee pollen is a powerfully antioxidant superfood produced by young bees.  Remember, super foods are foods that have a dozen or more unique properties that enhance your health and nutrition.  Bee pollen looks like golden sugar crystals.  As to where to buy it, you can source it from most health food stores or online. 

According to David Wolfe, in his book, Superfoods, bee pollen neutralizes free radicals from too much stress to too much sunshine.  As well, bee pollen is shown to increase strength, endurance, energy and speed.  Consequently, it useful as a quick exercise recovery food.  

Pollen, like most bee products, reduces the production of histamines and helps neutralize allergen effects.  

When you are stressed, you will burn through the B vitamins in your body.  There is an extraordinary amount of B vitamins in bee pollen, which helps to bolster your immune system and keep stress symptoms from wrecking havoc.

Wolfe says, “According to research by doctors from France, Italy and [Russia], pollen is one of the riches sources of bioavailable protein in nature.  Pollen is approximately 25 percent protein…Because the protein in pollen is in a pre-digested form, it is easy to assimilate.” (Superfoods, 92)

Bee pollen does come with some cautionary notes.  It should not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women, as the baby’s immune system is not fully developed until one year of age.  According to, “if you have pollen allergies, you many get more than you bargained for.  Bee pollen can cause a serious allergic reaction — including shortness of breath, hives, swelling and anaphylaxis.”

Wanting more information?  Check out these links:  Dr. Mercola “The Use of Bee Pollen As A Superfood” or Food Matters “10 Amazing Health Benefits of Bee Pollen.”

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