I’ll Start Tomorrow

January came with great anticipation of weight loss success, but alas, that wasn’t realized.  Then February marched onward but your resolve to figure this out waned.  And it’s almost the end of February and you still don’t have it figured out, your motivation is fading and spring is around the corner.  Maybe you’ve now thrown your hands up in the air, and said “I quit!”

WAIT! Don’t quit.

Figuring out which diet works from you takes time and in some cases, years.  I know exactly where you are because I’ve been there and I’m still on the journey of my decades-long wellness journey of figuring out which foods heal me from disease and make my body happy.

For me, a diet is just a way of eating that brings about improved health and lifestyle wellness.  Unfortunately, many people view weight loss and diets as the quick fix or magic pill to get their body to submit to deprivation and fit those spring and summer outfits.    Personally, I see “diet” as the foods I eat habitually that make my body feel good, vibrant, healthy.  I realize that many people see “diet” as restricting certain foods, food groups or whatever to reach a weight loss goal as laid out by the latest guru expounding his/her views or plan on the Internet, on the shelves of Chapters or on some podcast.

Ultimately, my goal as your potential nutritional coach is to figure out a personal diet that is unique to your body’s current needs.   After all, your body is a living organism that is always changing towards health or away from it.

Basically, diets or protocols allow you to start somewhere. We usually start by figuring out which foods are upsetting your internal systems and causing inflammation and dysfunction, removing them temporary until healing can take place and then creating a food selection that makes you feel amazing. But this process takes time.  It is not a quick fix!

To give you a window into my dietary journey, you just have to look on my bookshelves.  First off, I LOVE cookbooks!  I read them like other people read fiction novels.  While I was looking at my numerous bookcases, I realized that my personal food journey to arrive at where I am today can be encapsulated by the cookbooks on my shelves.  I can see where I started and the progression through to my current dietary choices.

My Personal Diet Journey

  • clean eating
  • elimination of food intolerances
  • re-introduction diet
  • anti-inflammatory
  • paleo/AIP
  • SIBO-specific diet
  • keto/LCHF

Tweetable: “It’s not a short term diet. It’s a long-term lifestyle change.” ~Live Lively Iowa  

There came a moment of truth when by ignoring what I was putting into my mouth was affecting my weight, my sleep, my energy, my health, my mood and my family.  My sons were watching and I wasn’t setting a very good example of how to eat properly for a healthy body.  The moment of truth — you have to lose 35+ pounds to avoid hypertension and cholesterol medication.  The hardest part was that I wasn’t even out of my 30s yet!

I decided to use Jenny Craig to avoid medications and lost 40 pounds.  Unfortunately, the weight crept back on and started my yo-you “dieting.”  As I was approaching 50, I was plagued with wheezing, asthma-like symptoms, food intolerances, extra weight, low energy and overwhelming lethargy. This was NOT how I wanted to live my next half of my life.  You see I’ve always planned to live to be 100 and these symptoms were not going to get me there.

My first step was to deal with a few physical ailments that my family doctor could help me with.  Then I needed to tackle the “asthma” and whatever was causing it.  After a couple of years of adjusting my foods to eliminate food intolerances, the asthma started to be less frequent and without medication or inhalers.  I felt great for a couple of years, but then my body still felt off.  So I did a yeast overgrowth protocol — felt better and less wheezing.  But nothing seemed permanent.  As I delved into researching ketogenic diet for Alzheimer’s, I found low FODMAP and AIP (autoimmune paleo).  Okay, I wasn’t ready for low carb living yet, so I adopted AIP then low FODMAP to help with continued GI dysfunction.  My symptoms eventually brought me to the doorstep of SIBO — small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.  Due to the way our medical system works here in Alberta, I eventually paid for the test to confirm or refute whether I had SIBO.  Well, I was positive for SIBO-M (methane version).

I tackled this new challenge like I did everything.  Read, research and figure out how to “fix” my body.  Not surprising, I am still on the waitlist to see a GI specialist and its been almost two years!  Through webinars and courses, I put into play a plan that has finally brought me some relief more frequently from the abdominal bloating and distention — clothes didn’t fit because the distention and gas not because I was overweight.  New problem that I didn’t like at all.

Almost a year ago, I tried the very restrictive elemental diet for three weeks (read about this experience HERE) and then I used a ketogenic diet (less than 20 grams total carbs).  2018 was closing out and I realized that my symptoms had been fewer and in some cases gone!  And the craziest part, I have been able to re-introduce foods without symptoms that have been out of my diet for almost 9 years!  My pants fit.  I sleep better.  I have vitality again.  Some of these wins I didn’t even notice because they had come about gradually.

Today, I embrace the ketogenic lifestyle and recently became certified as a keto health coach through Keto-Adapted (Craig and Maria Emmerich) to help others.  Now my cookbooks are keto this or keto that — I own all of Maria’s ketogenic cookbooks.  I love cooking this way and feel so much better.

The choice is always yours to make — feel amazing in your own skin or continue to slide down the slope of health into disease.  I decided to make the changes because I want to feel good digestively, physically and mentally every day.

Do you want to start on your journey to improved health? Let’s start my reducing your inflammation and begin the healing by introducing you to the low carb lifestyle of nutritional ketogenics.  Drop me an email or call me to arrange a phone or in-person consultation (403-801-5698).

What’s stopping you?  Make the choice today to live a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle, and enjoy life again.


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