I’m Back!

If you’ve been coming to this website looking for new information, you probably have been disappointed. Yes, I’ve been AWOL (absent without leave). I didn’t intend on being “away.” Simply, I wasn’t inspired to share anything, so I couldn’t motivate myself to do so. But months have gone by and now I’m ready to get back at it.

Expect Changes Here!

I’ve had to pare down my website’s number of blog posts and pages because my hosting company said I was “too big” and needed to pay them more money, if I wanted to continue. Over the last month and a bit, I had to decide whether I would be maintaining this website at all. After much thought, I decided I wanted to have this platform to share my learnings, research and thoughts. So, I’ve bitten the bullet and paid to do so.

I’ve removed many of my recipes because they were no longer supporting the direction or way of eating I had chosen to follow over the last couple of years. I am leaning more toward low carb paleo and keto ways of eating, so I want to reflect that with what I have on this website. Expect to find referencing links to recipes and cookbook reviews instead of Brenda-created recipes. I LOVE recipes and testing them out, so there will be fewer posted recipes developed by me.

As a life-long learner, you will find research-supported information and book reviews. This is my niche and what I enjoy doing. If you have suggestions, send me an email with your ideas.

I am still available to coach and support you on your health journey. I have maintained all my licences and added some new certifications like becoming a certified keto (health) coach.

Wanting coaching virtually or in-person, email Brenda to arrange a free Discovery Chat to determine what your next steps to a vibrant and healthy life can be.

About Brenda

As a nutrition consultant and educator, I aim to support you in achieving health and vitality through natural wholesome foods and lifestyle transformation. Ready to change yourself from the inside out? Then contact Brenda today.