Easter is hopping right into your world this week.  As with most holidays, marketers advertise to aim to shift your focus away the what the holiday celebration is traditionally about to, well, in this case, jellybeans, bunnies, chicks, Easter eggs and chocolate. However, for my family, Easter is a Christian celebration of new life, renewal and salvation. I realize that Easter might not be a religious holiday for you, but I am sure it holds a special space for shared family meals, Easter egg hunts and a mental shift from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring and new life. Personally, I love seeing the new baby calves romping in the fields. That’s my sign that the season is shifting.

I knew that the large Costco bag of M&M Easter eggs would be my nemesis, but I bought it anyway.  Yes, I bought a big bag of chocolate eggs and fell for the retailer’s trap (it was displayed on the end cap of the aisle I usually avoid).  I told myself I was buying it for my kids (yeah, I know, they’re adults) and would share it with visitors over Easter break.  But those chocolate sugary eggs called my name and I gave in to their siren call to be eaten.  And guess what?  There is now an empty bag and nothing for sharing.  Oh, but there is, I saved (actually hid) the Jelly Belly jellybeans to share — these are not my favourite.  That’s one of my strategies that I suggest to my clients — purchase only what you don’t like, but know that others will enjoy.  True, I messed up when I bought both.  Oh, well, I forgave myself and moved on.  Why?  Because life is too short to beat myself up for indulging and besides, I can’t undo what I ate.

You might be asking yourself what is she trying to tell me.  Influence — what influences your choices or even who influences your choices/decisions.  Marketers want to influence you to buy, spend and indulge.  Why?  Because they are telling you it will make you happier.  Certain foods influence you to make less than stellar decisions.  Why?  Because you tell yourself how good they’ll taste and sabotage whatever your goal or desired outcome was.  Regardless of the influence, the choice is always yours.

That’s right!  You are the last one to make the decision.  No one can make you eat something, watch something or do something.  The choice is yours.

What are you going to choose during Easter?  Indulge? Resist? Replace?  These are all decisions that are within your control to make.  Think through the consequences of your choice before you are faced with making it.  If you indulge, you might not like the scale later or how your clothes fit.  If you resist, you can be proud of your decision and high five yourself for making a “healthier” decision.  If you replace the chocolate Easter bunny or eggs with something that loves you back whether whole healthy food or partner/friend, you can rejoice in making a choice that gives you happiness and joy.  That’s right you could replace the “food” with a “non-food” choice.

How are you going to handle the hustle of Easter goodies?  Make a plan.  Rehearse the plan.  And be willing to tell yourself, “Oh, well,” if you don’t execute your plan as you thought. Forgive yourself and move on.

Once Easter has come and gone, you may be looking for some guidance and support to learn how to make and rehearse a plan for the next time you lapse on your health and wellbeing journey.  Success in any area of life is all about making consistent small steps towards your goal.  Let’s chat about what some of those steps might be for you in one of my free 15-minute Discovery Chats.  Take a moment to call (403.801.5698) or email to schedule a session.




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