Learn the NEW Keto/Carnivore Vocab

Lipivore — Amber O’Hearn’s terminology for the evolutionary human adaptation to a high-fat low-carb meat-centered diet; click HERE for her YouTube on the topic

Fatavore – Dr Kiltz’s Mighty Network group and his blog post were where I first saw this “new” carnivore term; he says that humans can ingest 35% protein with the balance coming from fat (65%). Thus FATavore which suggests that most of the diet comes from healthy fats to nourish hormones, produce healthy strong cellular walls, keeps blood pressure in check, aids in absorbing fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) and of course, to produce ketones for an alternative fuel to glucose.

True Carnivore – first introduced to this term on Dr Ken Berry’s Mighty Network; all real meat from any animal source, any egg variety; any animal fats; beverages include water, black coffee and black tea; no dairy, no sweeteners (not even keto-friendly ones), no grain, no seed oils, no nuts, no vegetables, no fruits, no honey, no product except what comes from an animal; equivalent to Emmerich’s level 2 Carnivore (Carnivore Cookbook, p 56). Check out Judy Cho’s “How Much to Eat on a Carnivore Diet” for more details.

True Carnivore Plus – Neisha Salas-Berry’s term used in the 90-Day Carnivore Challenge (n=1 Elimination Diet); everything from the True Carnivore list above but now limited dairy can be included as well as, clean ingredient salts and pepper; otherwise all of “nos” are the same. Basically, Level 3 Carnivore including Dairy and Eggs (Emmerichs, Carnivore Cookbook, p 57)

Lion Diet – this diet was popularized by Mikhaila Peterson (her dad, Jordan Peterson also eats similarly) and Joe Rogan; a restrictive carnivore version that incorporates beef or other ruminant animal meats (fatty cuts), organ meats from ruminants if desired/enjoyed, animal fat like tallow (beef fat); seasoning is salt only; beverages are water only; no dairy so no butter, no sweeteners (keto or otherwise); similar to Emerich’s Level 1 Carnivore of beef, beef tallow, salt and water (Emmerichs, Carnivore Cookbook, p 55)

BBBE (aka Triple B & E) – I first came across this Beef, Butter, Bacon and Eggs’ version of carnivore on the 2KrazyKetos YouTube channel. Later I discovered that it was a challenge from Dr Ken Berry – check out the original challenge HERE. I consider this a beef-based elimination diet, although other ruminant meats can be included. It works best with fattier cuts to help with satiation. Again this one doesn’t include dairy or sweeteners of any kind. A modified Level 1 Carnivore that includes bacon, eggs and butter being incorporated. (Emmerichs, Carnivore Cookbook, p 55)

Flexible Carnivore – includes all real animal meats, all animal fats, any type of egg, limited dairy, limited keto-friendly sweeteners, clean sauces and seasonings (count total carbs here), any keto-friendly beverages; keep total carbs under 5 grams daily (don’t need to count carbs found in the meat or eggs); similar to Level 4 Carnivore (Emmerichs, Carnivore Cookbook, p 58) and some may call this “zero carb” keto

KetovoreNeisha Salas-Berry is the “mother of ketovore” – she was looking to stay mostly carnivore with occasional keto veggies; keep to 1-2 days of limited (think one/day) keto veg being mindful to keep carbs restricted; keep carbs under 10 total grams daily — 5 days carnivore (flexible = 5g total carbs of less) + 2 days meat and limited veg (less than 10g total carbs)

Meat-Based Elimination DietsCarnivore Cure by Judy Cho (Nutrition with Judy) was my first exposure to using meat only as an elimination diet. You are eliminating the antinutrients (compounds that are meant to protect the plant form insects and other pests that might eat them; natural pesticides) often found in plants like oxalates (see Sally F. Norton’s website for comprehensive information or her book, Toxic Superfoods), glucosinolate and myosinase which combine to make sulfoaphane (found in cruciferous vegetables), phytate (phytic acid), or glycoalkaloids (found in nightshades like tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, tobacco); Dr Georgia Ede for more information on the topic. Of course, you may wonder why you’d do this type of diet. By eliminating food triggers (antinutrients) allows your body time to heal from the onslaught of them and prepares you to figure out what your personal human diet looks like (n=1 experiment)

PHD – Proper Human Diet – Dr Ken Berry coined this phrase to meaning just what it says — proper human diet. In his desire to “cure” many metabolic diseases like Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, he developed The Berry Method Keto for Health Optimization, which then evolved into PHD, the Proper Human Diet. This is the “diet” that you figure out is optimal for your body by conducting a “n=1” experiment on yourself. In my case, my n=1 experiment resulted in the Proper Brenda Diet — those foods that work best for my body to be its most vital and optimal self.