Merry Christmas to All

The craziness of the Christmas preparation is ready to give away to Christmas Day. I pray that you will be spending this holiday season with your family and friends, enjoying fabulous food and drink and creating awesome memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Dr. Christiane Northrup says “your community equals your immunity.”  You may think a strange comment, but the Roseto Effect supports that.  For more on the Roseto Effect, check out Dr. Northrup’s recent blog post HERE.  Furthermore, Northrup states, “Social connections that give you pleasure can influence your long-term health in ways every bit as powerful as other health-supporting habits, such as getting enough quality sleep, eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables, and not eating sugar or drinking alcohol in excess.” [1]  Family and friends are relationships worth nurturing, so take time to make this special.

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Since we all need time to recharge our batteries and rejuvenate, I have chosen to unplug (literally — no iPhone, no computer, no techie connecting) until after the big day. My family and I will be skiing and skating outdoors, creating fabulous meals, and playing games together. What are you doing? After all, it isn’t what is under your tree, but who is around your Christmas tree to share time with.

Thank you to all my online community, and in-office clients for taking out time in your busy schedule to read my blog, make the recipes and sharing with your friends and family.

With the New Year just days away, I am excited about all that I will be able to offer to you in 2017!

I hope you have a joyous, prosperous, and of course, Happy, Healthy Christmas and New Year!


[1] Christiane Northrup,

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