Non-Scale Wins Are Worth It!

Please note: This is her story of observed success. Your story and success are your story to write.

Keto Testimony from a current client and provided completely unsolicited — 2021

Non-scale victories observed while bringing my body back into balance better than it has been for at least 15 years. Wow! What a feeling!

 Looking back, with all the knowledge I have gained through Brenda’s coaching sessions, I can clearly see how and why my brain and body systems became so negatively impacted.  This to the point that I was advised by Health Links to go to the ER.  Heeding this advice led to a six-week stay in the hospital.  I have very little memory beyond snap-shots of much after registering at the ER and for at least the first 4 days in the hospital.  I later learned, from talking with my medical team and the nurses, that I was in such a severe physical state that I was checked every half hour for 24 hours to closely monitor my condition.  It still impacts me very much when I think that there was a serious possibility I could have died.  

While in the hospital, I was eventually placed on 5 medications as a result of damage to various organs and to treat conditions such as pancreatitis, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, cholesterol, and diabetes type 2.  In addition, I was also taking a medication I have been on for 10+ years for severe clinical depression.

I am well aware of the negative impact to my body from the side effects of medication.  I was determined to be able to take positive steps to bring about the changes necessary so I did not have to rely on medications for the rest of my life.  Much to my alarm, I experienced an acute and incredibly painful attack of pancreatitis 6 weeks after returning home.  This after I had carefully applied all the advice regarding when and what to eat. I was unnerved and frightened.

I started searching.  I needed to find another answer.  My lifestyle, as an adult, up to my stay in the hospital at 52 years of age clearly had not worked for my health in any way.  The way of eating I had been instructed in during my hospital stay was obviously inadequate.  

The time period starting with watching a thought-provoking documentary, searching for and reading books on nutrition and the body, and leading to my Discover Chat with Brenda took almost 3 months.  

The past 5 months have been an excellent period of learning.  Implementing the knowledge I have gained from Brenda’s coaching and the resources she supplied have resulted in the best improvements and changes I have experienced both physically and mentally. 

Up to this point I have:

  • Discontinued, under a doctor’s supervision, medications for diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, and cholesterol
  • My brain no longer feels it is made of sludge
  • My brain no longer “feels heavy”
  • My brain fog is gone!
  • No more random/surprise head-sweats throughout the day.
  • I can once again tolerate “busy surroundings” such as tv noise, music, other people talking
  • I no longer experience headaches
  • my blood sugar is stable throughout the morning, afternoon, and evening
  • my energy level is consistent from waking until going to bed
  • sleep well and wake up rested
  • I need less sleep — noting that I make and follow regularly scheduled sleep and wake times (practise good sleep hygiene as Brenda puts it)
  • I am able to start and finish daily tasks/chores around the home
  • I have renewed desire for and joy in hobbies
  • My energy level has increased to the point that I have been able to schedule regular planned physical activity
  • I am able to focus
  • My cognitive function has returned such as memory and reasoning.  I read and remember.  I remember throughout the day what I have done.  I remember from day to day what I have done and experienced.  I can learn and remember.
  • I can think through a process such as I can plan – plan a meal, plan a day, make a to-do list and such
  • I have regained an internal feeling of joy in living.
  • I am no longer obsessed with when and what my next meal will be
  • I desire less food, eat less food and feel satiated after eating
  • I can once again drive in the dark of night
  • My physical stability/balance has returned eg: not swaying while standing for a period of time, not losing balance when bending down.
  • I do not have to stop and nap when driving for more than one hour
  • I have lost 24 pounds and 28 inches to date AND I am not finished yet!

The most precise summary I can give to my testimony is this:  my quality of life, both mentally and physically, has not been better.  I am choosing to live this way to be at my best, to be an active participant in my life, and to share myself with and enjoy family and friends.

I have learned it is vital to “love what will love you back.”

Keto Coaching Client 2021
** Her results are not typical.  Everyone's results are unique to them.