Keto Lingo Simplified

As the ketogenic diet has become very popular, terms are flying everywhere and making this lifestyle protocol far more complicated that it needs to be.

Chemistry Before Calories

Producing ketones in your liver and having them circulate in your blood is what demonstrates that your blood chemistry is in ketosis. You can be producing ketones and not using them. When you first start on your ketogenic lifestyle, your cells, tissues, organs and mitochondria may not know how to use this clean fuel source well. Given time, your cells, […]

Yes, but…

Whoa…excuses, really. Yes, really. Do you give yourself “permission” to make non-keto eating choices? What are your excuses for “falling off the wagon” or cheating on your keto way of eating? I’m sure they are as plentiful as mine. I’ve had a rough couple of months and yes, even as a keto coach, I’ve allowed emotional eating to erode my […]

Blood Chemistry – Part 2

The ketogenic diet is a measurable chemistry equation, which means that your blood chemistry can reveal whether you are in ketosis or not. Measure your blood ketones to prove to yourself as to what is happening in your bloodstream. Glucose or ketones, both fuels used by your body, can be measured. Depending on which fuel is available in your bloodstream […]