Book Review: Beyond Fasting

I have been investigating fasting, both intermittent and multiple days, since I first discovered Dr. Jason Fung’s book, The Complete Guide to Fasting. Then I was teaching a Bible study called Enjoying Jesus: 12 Spiritual Disciplines That Will Draw You Closer. During week four, “Choosing The Best”, I dug into spiritual fasting. It was during this deep dive that I…

SIBO Ain’t Gone Yet

Reducing SIBO symptoms is a long journey for many people. It is rarely one and done treatment protocol. My journey has been no exception.

Book Review: Keto for Women

Keto for Women is a keto lifestyle resource for women.  There are a few books on the market that highlight the keto lifestyle just for women.  Other recent additions to this arena of female-specific keto expertise is Dr. Anna Cabeca’s The Hormone Fix, and 2 books from Naomi Whittel — Glow15 and High Fiber Keto. Keto for Women goes beyond macro percentages…

Go Away SIBO – Month 3

Wow! How much has changed in our world since I last wrote a post for you? Many of you are presently personal- or social-isolating and feel very disconnected from the world at large. I get it. I’m feeling that way too and I’m an introvert. Anyway, this month is another SIBO blog post. With all the changes going on in…

Go Away SIBO – Month 2

SIBO protocols include killers, buster, prokinetics and probiotics. With dietary changes and herbal antibiotics/antifungals, the SIBO symptomology can be altered positively.