Keto Gift Ideas 2019

The holidays are fast approaching and if you are like many others, you are wracking your brain to figure out the “just right” gift idea for family and loved ones. Since keto and low carb are everywhere right now, I’ve decided to make a few gift suggestions with this lifestyle as a basis, and that I recommend from personal use.…

Keto Lingo Simplified

As the ketogenic diet has become very popular, terms are flying everywhere and making this lifestyle protocol far more complicated that it needs to be.

Uniquely You

Have you ever thought about why some “diets” or ways of eating (WOE) work or not work for you? That’s because these “one-size-fits-all” approaches do not know you or do you well. It is your choices that make you uniquely you… Walter Inglis Anderson The most popular diet searches include keto, ketogenic and carnivore. Have you tried a search recently?…

I’m Back!

Website changes mean more researched articles and blog posts, more book reviews, and fewer self-created recipes.

I’ll Start Tomorrow

January came with great anticipation of weight loss success, but alas, that wasn’t realized.  Then February marched onward but your resolve to figure this out waned.  And it’s almost the end of February and you still don’t have it figured out, your motivation is fading and spring is around the corner.  Maybe you’ve now thrown your hands up in the…