Less Toxins = More Energy

Reducing your toxic load has more to do with increasing your energy level than merely eliminating your toxin exposure. Your body uses a lot of energy to process the environmental toxins that you come in contact with and ingest everyday. If you reduce your body’s overall workload, and therefore its energy expenditure, of processing and eliminating toxins, you will have more energy for everything else your body does for you.  Why?  Because your body isn’t using energy to eliminate those nasty toxins.

Reducing your toxic load can help reduce your brain fog and boost your immune system, which can increase your productivity. I don’t know about you, but I certainly want to be productive.  You become more productive simply because you have energy to put into doing things like moving your body, being creative, learning new skills and simply being.  It can also help improve your digestion, absorption and assimilation of nutrients, making them more available to support your daily activities.

Recently, I decided that I would put myself through an elimination diet by following Tom Malterre’s book, The Elimination Diet [New York: Grand Central Life & Style, 2015].  Some foods I was eating were causing me to feel tired, have foggy thinking and generally feel unwell.  Basically, I was eating foods that were creating a toxic load in my body.  Over the last month, I have re-introduced some foods gradually and observing how my body reacts.  Some are fine and allow me to feel energized and motivated; others, well, they make me feel lethargic, bloated and lacking in motivation.

I have chosen to feel energized and have eliminated any foods that produce a less than desirable reaction in my body.

With my toxic load reduced, I am feeling my body improving and I can handle life better.  So yes, food can create a toxic overwhelm, if you are eating foods that you are reacting.  If you want to enjoy a health transformation, let me help you through your own elimination protocol.  Email or call (403.801.5698) to arrange your free Discovery Chat and get started today.

5 Tips To Reduce Your Toxic Load — Share with your Twitter friends! Tweet!

  1. Use herbs that support your major routes of elimination — liver, kidneys, colon and lungs. Personally, I use milk thistle and dandelion. As well, I use Dandy Blend, an instant herbal beverage with dandelion.  Herbal tinctures I recommend for support come from Orange Naturals.  They have tinctures for  digestion, liver health, dandelion and milk thistle.
  2. Encourage elimination through skin, which is your largest organ for elimination. Up to one third of all body impurities are excreted through your skin.  The simplest way is to sweat.  This usually isn’t hard with during the warm summer days.   Dry brushing effectively removes dead skin, aids in removing toxins and increases the eliminative capacity of your skin.  Your local health store should have dry brushes for purchase.  Then check out this website on how to give yourself a dry skin brush massage.
  3. Buy and eat organic food as much as possible.  I realize that not every family has a budget to invest in organic foods.  However, if you use Environmental Working Groups’ “Dirty Dozen” list to help, you will be able to invest your hard-earned money where it will make the greatest health impact for you and your family.  Take time to go to your local farmer’s markets to take advantage of their seasonal offerings.  These markets allow your dollar to go further.
  4. Reduce processed and packaged foods, which are loaded with chemicals.  Instead, make your own foods at home and enjoy spending time eating with your family.  By knowing where your food comes from and how your foods are made will reduce your body’s environmental toxic exposure.
  5. Replace household and personal products with a lot of chemicals with those made with natural ingredients.  I am finding more and more readily available products.  My current favourites are Cinderella’s Organic Housekeeping’s All-Purpose Cleaner (use for everything from mirrors to counters to tiles and floors) and Aspen Clean Nature’s Home Cleaning Solution.  Both companies use essential oils to make them smell fantastic.