Healthy Habits Start With You

January is that month that opens many of us to a whole 365 days of potential opportunities and with great thoughts of what we can do “this” year. I usually prefer to use September as my “new year” rather than January, but this year I decides to switch things up. I began by re-reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, Better Than Before. […]

Book Review – The Obesity Code

When you think about weight loss, do think, well, I’ll just eat XXXX-number of calories and add in exercise.  Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that I’ve been contemplating the lack of successful long-term weight loss and maintenance for my clients using the classic calories in “calories out” model?  I know, I’m bucking the “truth.”  Or is it a “myth?”  It […]

No More Cookie Cutter Solutions

In functional nutrition, you become the key to figuring out what is going on in your body.  Your unique story reveals your unique path of responses to factors and events in your life and how those are being expressed.  By uncovering this path, you and your health team can discover your particular pathway to wellness and vitality.  Each symptom, diagnoses, […]

SIBO, Motility & Prokinetics

I’m gearing up to move into the “repair” and “maintain” phase of SIBO destruction. Once you’ve killed most of the bad gut critters, you need to get to the root of the problem. In other words, poor gut motility. According to Angela Pifer, the SIBO Guru, SIBO is usually a secondary symptom to another problem, the root cause. Allison Siebecker […]