book review

Healthy Habits Start With You

January is that month that opens many of us to a whole 365 days of potential opportunities and with great thoughts of what we can do “this” year. I usually prefer to use September as my “new year” rather than January, but this year I decides to switch things up. I began by re-reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, Better Than Before. […]

Book Review: The XX Brain

I purchased this book, The XX Brain, by Lisa Morconi, PhD on the recommendation of a number of the “brain” doctors I follow. The “XX” part of the title represents the XX chromosomes of women. So yes, this book provides women with a plan for alleviating brain risks specially females as we age. But my real interest came from its […]

Book Review: Beyond Fasting

I have been investigating fasting, both intermittent and multiple days, since I first discovered Dr. Jason Fung’s book, The Complete Guide to Fasting. Then I was teaching a Bible study called Enjoying Jesus: 12 Spiritual Disciplines That Will Draw You Closer. During week four, “Choosing The Best”, I dug into spiritual fasting. It was during this deep dive that I […]