Forget Resolutions

Wow!  Can you believe it’s almost the end of January?!  How’s your New Year’s resolution(s) going?  Or perhaps, you’ve cast them aside already. Think about it — resolutions are often rooted in regret.  That’s not very inspiring.  What about shifting to what you “envision”  or simply, what do you want the 2018-version of yourself to be.  Check out the YouTube […]

BAM! Time to Reset

I cannot believe how many weeks have trickled by without writing a blog post. I have gone without inspiration or desire to write — not normal for me.  But I am determined to reset and revitalize my blog.  So here goes… Have you ever reached your goal, and maintained where you are happiest only to just stop?  Well, that’s how I feel […]

New Year New You

How can you make 2016 different?  By your choices and actions, of course. Does the first of January inspire promise and a feeling of a “fresh start”? Every year people make New Year’s resolutions.  Funny thing is that the act of making a resolution doesn’t necessarily make it happen.  After all, research supports that New Year’s resolutions don’t last anyway. In fact, […]

Move, Baby, Move

I have often wondered why habits come and go, but some last a lot longer. Gretchen Rubin suggests that habits that bring about positive noticeable strengthen your self-control “serve as the Foundation for forming other good habits.” [59] Sleep, movement, nutrition and decluttering are foundational habits that make it easier to make other habits stick. True, when you get enough […]

No Finish Line

In a previous post, I shared my book review about Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before.  From reading this enlightening book, I learned a lot about myself.  Now comes the hardest part, putting what I’ve learned into action.  As an “obliger,” I need extrinsic motivators (outside accountability) and to ignore intrinsic expectations (internal accountability). This type of tendency can play havoc on maintaining […]