Healthy Habits Start With You

January is that month that opens many of us to a whole 365 days of potential opportunities and with great thoughts of what we can do “this” year. I usually prefer to use September as my “new year” rather than January, but this year I decides to switch things up. I began by re-reading Gretchen Rubin’s book, Better Than Before. […]

Calm Mind

Does your mind race with thoughts when your head hits the pillow?  Is your mind sometimes feel like a hamster in a wheel — always running and never stopping?  Or perhaps your mind is focussed and clearly engaged in whatever you’re doing at the moment. You might be wondering why I’m even asking such “crazy” questions.  After all, doesn’t everyone’s […]

Wellness Journey Part 4

I know, where have I been. Right? Did I forget about my tribe of readers? No. I’ve been completing two courses.  For my cognitive support certificate, I needed to research and write a 10-page paper.  It’s now completed and submitted.  Yay!  As well, I completed a basic homeopathic course. These courses took more energy and time than I anticipated.  I […]