Book Review: The XX Brain

I purchased this book, The XX Brain, by Lisa Morconi, PhD on the recommendation of a number of the “brain” doctors I follow. The “XX” part of the title represents the XX chromosomes of women. So yes, this book provides women with a plan for alleviating brain risks specially females as we age. But my real interest came from its […]

Maca Choco Flax Balls

This recipe is all about balancing hormones and feeling great. There are three key ingredients that work together and taste great too: maca powder, cocoa powder and ground flaxseeds. Maca has a way of using cues from the body to balance hormones, this makes it an “adaptogen”. For women, maca is all about improving testosterone and boosting the libido. Cocoa […]

6 Hormones That Influence Menopause

You might be surprised to hear that women outside of western countries experience less symptoms of menopause. It’s true! In places like Japan menopause is not treated as the end of the young and fertile years but rather as a gentle transformation towards maturity and with it comes an increase in respect and honor. Simply by having this stress-free attitude, […]