Looking Back at 2015

Throughout 2015, I wrote about themes like habits, mood-food influencers, toxin influence, energy influencers, hormone influencers, and health-related book reviews.  But as always certain posts resonate with my readers.  So what rose to the top for 2015? …drum roll, please… Top Posts for 2015 Quotable: Health is a gift. “Less Toxins = More Energy” July 14, 2015 (no longer available on […]

Flip Your Mood Switch

Quotable: Real food flips your mood switch to happy.  #1. Eat regularly: Food is fuel; skip a meal and you’ll feel tired and cranky. Don’t get yourself into a state of hypoglycemia – which is the #1 trigger for mood issues.  I usually suggest you eat every 3-4 hours until you’ve stabilized your blood sugar balance.  Over time, you may […]

Feel Great With Real Food

Your mood is greatly influenced by the food choices you make.  In fact, if you were to trust your gut, you already know which foods make you feel fabulous and which ones do not.  It is time for you to create 2 lists — awesome feeling foods and troubling foods.  If you experience any of the symptoms I have explored […]

Serotonin Mood Switch

Our brain depends on neurotransmitters to transmit signals. Neurotransmitters are made of amino acids, which come from proteins in our food. Your brain is protein dependent. It needs amino acid, which make up protein, to manufactures these neurotransmitters. Interestingly, neurotransmitters that regulate mood, also regulate your appetite. When you become deficient in any of your neurotransmitters, you start to crave […]

Sandwiches and Mood Swings — Are They Linked?

Gluten is making a name for itself and it is not all good.  Media has been bashing gluten free as a fad.  Bloggers are on both sides of the fence.  And yet, gluten free has gone mainstream from restaurant menus to grocery store shelves to recipe books. Tweetable: “Gluten intolerance can trigger mood swings, depression and anxiety.”  I know, you […]