Toxins All Around Me

I have been researching and preparing an informational series of articles called, “Detox or Not.” For me, Part 2 on environmental toxins was eye-opening.

Of course, you may be asking what are environmental toxins anyways? They are poisonous substances that come from outside of the body and can be lumped into two categories, chemicals and metals.

Chemicals – plastics, pesticides, gasoline and its additives, cleaning supplies, basically, substances that should not be in your body.
Metals – heavy metals like mercury or lead.
I was fascinated to discover that in the fall of 2013 the University of Alberta released a large study (over 20 researchers and conducted over a period of seven years), which revealed that 3,000 chemicals could now be tested for in our urine (obviously not all at the same time, but that 3000 chemicals could be tested for). It was staggering for me that we could even be exposed to that many different toxins and that they would show up in my urine. As well, the CDC (Center of Disease Control) released its Fourth Report on environmental toxins in 2009 that revealed some very surprising information.

You may think, ok, I don’t work with pesticides or cleaning supplies. I don’t have lead paint at home. I don’t have mercury fillings. And I buy organic at least some of the times – I can’t be that toxic, right? Sadly, the question is no longer IF we are toxic. The real question is HOW toxic we are.

For more information on common environmental toxins, check on Part 2: Detox or Not in my articles.

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