Sleep Tip #3 – Turn Off Your Phone


So far this week, I have stopped drinking caffeinated drinks at night and I have “planned” to go to bed at a regular time.  I have been somewhat successful, but I have also been on vacation in California too, where it gets dark just after 4:30PM.  Going to bed around 9PM isn’t hard when it has been dark for hours and I have nothing pressing to do.

Checking in with my Pulse, I see I am continuing to sleep a consistent number of hours that are usually around 8 hours.  I will keep you posted whether the scale has changed at all when I weigh in next Monday.

Alright, today I will plan to shut off the phone. Many smart phones have sleep modes including my iPhone.  This shouldn’t be too hard, because I didn’t even own an iPhone a month ago.  I have chosen to shut off email and other non-essential alerts, so no “dinging” in the wee hours of the morning that might wake me.  I am a fairly light sleeper, so light and vibrations wake me.  So I am going to make sure the phone is across the room where I can’t see, hear or sense it.

If you want more information, check out Dr. Mercola’s article “Can Cell Phones Give You Insomnia?

Here’s to another good night’s sleep…ZZZZZZZZ

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