Uniquely You

Have you ever thought about why some “diets” or ways of eating (WOE) work or not work for you? That’s because these “one-size-fits-all” approaches do not know you or do you well. 

It is your choices that make you uniquely you…

Walter Inglis Anderson

The most popular diet searches include keto, ketogenic and carnivore. Have you tried a search recently? Have those searches left you with more questions than answers? I am sure they have left you reeling and wondering which nutritional plan should you try. Then of course, there are the vast number of companies, blogs and people via for your attention to check them out and use their services. The best advice I have every received was from Dr Eric Zielinski. He suggests that you limit your teachers to two or three “authorities” to follow, as this will quiet the noise.[1] That way you will feel less overwhelmed or always in limbo wondering if your chosen approach is the right one. Dr Z says, “resist the urge to get fourth, fifth, or sixth opinion, or else you’re likely to hear such conflicting information that you don’t know what to do.” [2] You will need to do your research and “vet” your sources to make sure they have solid credentials to be offering you advise, suggestions or even meal plans. Furthermore, “[w]hen you find a quality resource, let your guard down and receive what’s being shared with you, just as a student does with her teacher.”[3] Once you’ve given yourself a base to build more knowledge upon, jump right in to the wildness of the internet and go for it.

Regardless of where you are right now, you are the key to figuring out which foods or WOE work or don’t work for your body. This is known as bio-individuality. If you break down this “big” word, you first see the prefix “bio-.”  Bio- is Greek “for life.” The root word is “individuality,” which means qualities and characteristics that make one person  different from another person.  Bioindividuality recognizes that each person is unique with individualized nutritional requirements based on his/her unique body, age, and lifestyle.  Simply put, what works for one of my clients may or may not work for another client, even if they have the same or similar symptoms.

Humans are more than 99% genetically identical. So how you might ask are you unique? Genetic makeup, microbiome, and toxic exposures are a few ways that one human is different from another. Yes, environmental impact from toxin exposure influences your story. Your genetic environment is influenced by your current (and past) dietary and lifestyle choices. You may not be able to control the toxins around you or your unique genetic makeup, but you can control what you eat and how you manage stress.

In my practice, I use a variety of strategic tools to guide my digging, deciphering and discovering for each particular client’s personal needs.  With these tools, I begin to figure out where to start his/her healing process. At the end of the day, I may suggest “Clean Eating,” “Paleo,” “Autoimmune Protocol (AIP),” “Low Carb,” “Keto” or even “Carnivore.” These protocols are popular terms on the internet in nutrition circles. But in suggesting a certain way of eating (WOE), I usually combine the protocols to customize what works for an individual’s body and healing needs. I can also use genetic tests like 23andme to identify supplements that may assist in bringing balance to the body.

I typically like to clean up the diet (way of eating) to eliminate refined and/or processed foods, then move on to figure out which foods may be causing inflammation and many symptoms. An elimination diet (the gold standard) helps to identify problem foods. With problem triggers/foods removed, the client can begin to figure out which foods love them and which do not. Through journalling, together we make a protocol that works for him/her.

You need to remember that there is no “perfect” way of eating. However, there is a “best” way of eating that is unique to you. That’s what you want to figure out and use to make your food choices.

So, you’ve decided that you want to start the health journey of figuring out what your body needs to get healthy, feel healthy and maintain/gain vitality. Well, that’s where I come in. As a certified nutritional consultant, I have the knowledge and resources to guide and coach you on your journey. It’s your turn to reach out and make the first step towards your health goals. Email Brenda to schedule your free Discovery Chat — Zoom, FaceTime, or good old-fashioned phone, you chose. 


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