What Are Your 2021 Resolutions?

Here we are moving into another New Year and after the craziness of 2020, we are wanting a NEW year. Are you considering a resolution to “become healthier” or “lose that last bit of weight” or “simply losing weight?” Perhaps you have come to your wit’s end and decided you will NOT diet in 2021. After all, who bothers dieting anyway — diets don’t work, right. If diets did work, dieting would not be in the top ten of New Year’s resolutions year after year.

A survey about New Year’s resolutions published by Inc. has found that diet and healthy eating is top of the resolution list for Americans as they welcome 2019. Exercising more comes second (65 percent) followed by losing weight (54 percent).

Niall McCarthy, “The Top New Year’s Resolutions for 2019,” statista.com, Jan 2, 2019.

Diet, healthy eating, exercise, and losing weight were in 2019’s top resolutions. Exercise and losing weight were in the top 5 resolutions made in 2020.[1] And 2021 isn’t going to look much different. It is being predicted that exercise will top the list but not far down “to get healthier” and “to lose weight.”

Americans have more food to eat than any other people and more diets to keep them from eating it.

Yogi Berra

What are you going to do differently when you make your 2021 resolutions?

I remember the year I decided I was not going to diet or exercise. Instead I was merely going to get healthier. Basically, I was going to make lifestyle changes rather than radical changes that would be fleeting and ignored in a month or two. In December 2019, I decided that in 2020 I was going to get rid of the SIBO bugs. Period. I had waited for two years for a GI specialist appointment that never came and it was time to take ownership of my health. If you want to know a little about how this journey went check back on my blog posts in 2020.

The crazy thing was I did get rid of most of the methanogens and many of the hydrogen-producing bacteria and I lost weight. The weight loss came about with the killing of the methanogens. Dr Mark Pimentel stated in one of my many SIBO webinars that methanogen-based SIBO usually causes the person to carry 10-15 pounds extra. [2] That proved true for me. Heal the body and weight comes off. Hum…

So then the question begs, “how do you get to your ideal healthy weight without dieting?” It is not as easy as calling what you’re doing as a “lifestyle change” rather than dieting. Or is it?

How? Heal your body or rather feed your body to heal itself . After all, your body is innately able to heal itself IF you give it what it needs to bring about that healing. What that means depends on your bio-individuality and what underlying conditions are causing issues/symptoms.

When working with clients, my job is to figure out the best template to use for their food choices. Then tweak the template to make the dietary choices work with the bodily needs of the individual. Personally, I like to start with an elimination protocol then add in foods until we figure the best eating plan for the person. This process does take time and patience, but when we do it this way, the client will heal, reduce inflammation, reduce symptoms, and regain energy and wellness.

Why wait until January 1st shows up on your calendar? I didn’t wait and neither should you. Start today and make the remaining days of 2020 count towards feeling amazing in 2021.

Watt Works Nutrition is ready to work with you. Schedule your free Discovery Chat and let 2021 be the year you be you and feel amazing doing it.

[1] Madeleine Porter, “Top Ten Resolutions For 2020,” Jan 9, 2020 — survey results from YouGov

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