No More Cookie Cutter Solutions

In functional nutrition, you become the key to figuring out what is going on in your body.  Your unique story reveals your unique path of responses to factors and events in your life and how those are being expressed.  By uncovering this path, you and your health team can discover your particular pathway to wellness and vitality.  Each symptom, diagnoses, […]

BAM! Time to Reset

I cannot believe how many weeks have trickled by without writing a blog post. I have gone without inspiration or desire to write — not normal for me.  But I am determined to reset and revitalize my blog.  So here goes… Have you ever reached your goal, and maintained where you are happiest only to just stop?  Well, that’s how I feel […]

Ready for Change? Hire a Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Okay, so you now know the difference between a holistic nutritional consultant and a dietitian or nutritionist (in Alberta), but why would you hire me, a holistic nutritional consultant?  Read on to discover 5 reasons why you want to hire me to guide, coach, and support you through your nutritional journey to wellness… 1.   Nutritional Coach and Cheerleader A […]

Holistic Nutritional Consultant – What’s That?

I have been asked many times what is a nutritional consultant and how is said practitioner different from a dietitian or nutritionist.  While dietitians may call themselves nutritionists, this is new in Alberta. With a current Alberta Health Act amendment, holistic nutritional consultants can no longer refer to themselves as nutritionists. [1]  “Nutritionist” is an unregulated term in Canada (and […]